Office Kegerators product selection has been curated to showcase some of the best local Chicago businesses. We offer cold brew, kombucha, and local or regional craft brewers. Our menu is constantly growing, so check with us to find out what’s new!

Cold Brew Coffee - What is it?
In the simplest terms, cold brew coffee is just ground coffee and water that has sat in room temperature or a fridge for up to 24 hours. Many roasters have experimented with different blends and origins to develop their own version of cold brew. In addition to regular cold brew, office kegerator offers nitro cold brew. Nitro cold brew coffee is prepared the same way as cold brew, but infused with nitrogen gas to give the drink a different body feel and cascading effect.

Kombucha - What is it?
Kombucha is a fermented tea often made with black or green tea and a SCOBY (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). After a specific brewing time passes, the drink is filtered and flavor, such as fruit juice or other tea can be added.


How Does Delivery Work?

Place your order prior to 2:30pm CT and we guarantee it’ll be at your office within two business days. Our deliveries usually arrive from 9am to 1pm. Orders can be emailed or called/texted to 312.547.0722.

Keg Order For Same Day Delivery

Give us a ring and we may be able to make it happen. Please call/text us at 312.547.0722 and we’ll help problem solve with you!

Gaining Access With The Building?

We’ll have to register our COI (Certificate of Insurance) with your building. Typically there is a 2-3 day turnaround time for the building to give us a green light.


What Sizes Do Kegs Come In?

A keg is a half-barrel (½ BBL), which contains 15.5 gallons, serves 165 12-oz drinks. A quarter is a quarter-barrel (¼ BBL), which contains 7.75 gallons, serves 82 12-oz drinks. A sixtel is a sixth-barrel (⅙ BBL), which contains 5.2 gallons, serves 55 12-oz drinks. Not all keg products come in the above sizes.

How Many Tap Handles Can I Get?

Kegerators can be outfitted with 1-2 tap handles. We offer a large capacity kegerator for high volume accounts that can have up to 6 tap handles.

What's The Deal With The Gases Used For Kegs?

There are 2 types of gasses that are used for our kegerators, Co2 and Nitrogen. We set up the kegerators with the right gas so you can start enjoying on the first day.

Our Service Pledge

Frequent maintenance on a kegerator is important, as it keeps the quality and reliability of the machine functioning properly. Our Keg Professionals will come to your office to give your kegerator the well-needed cleaning and check-up it deserves. These check ins occur when we deliver or scheduled in advance. We typically clean lines every other month.